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1、It uses the high elasticity of rubber to produce elastic deformation under various loads, so as to play a firm seal and effectively prevent water leakage and seepage of building structure


It is mainly used for the foundation engineering which is set in the construction joint and deformation joint when the concrete is cast-in-place, and it is integrated with the concrete structure. The rubber water stop section adopts the non equal thickness structure, so that the stress of each part is uniform and reasonable.

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The water stop belt uses the characteristics of high elasticity and compression deformation of rubber to produce elastic deformation under the action of pressure load, so as to play the role of fastening and sealing. It can effectively prevent water leakage and water seepage of building structure and play the role of shock absorption and buffering.

In general, in the architectural design of large-scale projects, due to the problems of continuous pouring, foundation deformation, or thermal expansion and cold shrinkage of concrete components caused by temperature change, construction joints, settlement joints and deformation joints should be reserved between concrete components, and there are requirements for waterproof and shockproof. Therefore, the use and installation of rubber waterstop can effectively solve the problems encountered in the above projects.

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